Image Based Visual Servoing for Tumbling Objects

Harit Pandya*1    Mithun P*1    Ayush Gaud1    Suril Shah2    K. Madhava Krishna1   

1 IIIT Hyderabad, India    2 Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhput   

Objects in space often exhibit a tumbling motion around the major inertial axis. In this paper, we address the image based visual servoing of a robotic system towards an uncooperative tumbling object. In contrast to previous approaches that require explicit reconstruction of the object and an estimation of its velocity, we propose a novel controller that is able to minimize the feature error directly in image space. This is achieved by observing that the feature points on the tumbling object follow a circular path around the axis of rotation and their projection creates an elliptical track in the image plane. Our controller minimizes the error between this elliptical track and the desired features, such that at the desired pose the features lie on the circumference of the ellipse. The effectiveness of our framework is exhibited by implementing the algorithm in simulation as well on a mobile robot.