Image Space based Path Planning for Reactionless Manipulation of Redundant Space Robot

Rachit Bhargava1    P. Mithun1    V. V. Anurag1    A.H. Abdul Hafez2    S. V. Shah3   

1 IIIT Hyderabad, India    2 Hasan Kalyoncu University    3 Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur   

This work addresses path planning for reactionless visual servoing of a redundant dual-arm space robot through exploration in the image space. The planner explores the image moment based feature space, impends acceleration to the image features and extends the feature tree. A reactionless visual servoing control law is integrated to extend the tree in the configuration space simultaneously. The proposed algorithm is able to incorporate the necessary coupling between the motions of the the dual arms and the base of the robot to ensure zero base reactions. Additionally, it also gives the flexibility to apply multiple constraints in both the image space and the configuration space. The effectiveness of the proposed framework is exhibited by implementing the algorithm on a numerical model of a 14-DoF dual arm space robot.