Gait Sequence generation of a Hybrid Wheeled-Legged Robot for negotiating discontinuous terrain

Sartaj Singh    K Madhava Krishna   

IIIT Hyderabad, India   

In this paper we develop an algorithm to generate gait sequences to negotiate a discontinuous terrain for a hybrid 4-wheeled legged robot. The gait sequence comprises two main steps – normal force redistribution and hybrid position-force control. The robot climbs the discontinuity one leg at a time. This requires that the entire load of the robot is taken up by the other three legs so that the leg climbing the discontinuity is free. For this purpose a load redistribution methodology is used which makes the center of gravity of chassis coincide with the desired center of pressure (CoP). Subsequently the free leg moves in hybrid position and force control to climb the discontinuity. Force sensing ensures constant contact with the terrain and detection of stand and end of the discontinuity without using any perception sensor. The methodology is validated using multi-body dynamic simulation.