A Semi-Active Robot for Steep Obstacle Ascent

S Avinash    V V Anurag    A K Singh    S V Shah    K M Krishna   

IIIT Hyderabad, India   

In this paper we propose a semi-active robot for climbing steep obstacles like steps. The key novelty of the proposed robot lies in the use of a passive mechanism for climbing steps of smaller heights and motor only while climbing steps of greater heights. Analysis of the robot’s stability during its ascent phase is also investigated. Model based control is used to achieve step climbing. The other novelty of the robot, in contrast to existing active suspension step climbers, is that it does not need the knowledge of step height beforehand. Therefore, the mechanism has the advantage of height-independent climbing motion as in the case of passive mechanism along with the extra freedom of active joints for maintaining vehicle stability, when required. Efficacy of the mechanism is exhibited through simulations on steps of various heights.